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The Design of the Embassy

At the beginning of the 20th century, Sir Edwin Lutyens’s work began to turn from the picturesque romanticism of his country houses towards the grand manner of the self-described “Wrennaissance.” While he had used classical elements throughout his career and there was not a steady progression away from the vernacular, there came to be a […]

The Other Lutyens Design in North America

Woodlawn Cemetery, 400 rolling acres in the Bronx, New York, is the setting of an often overlooked footnote in Sir Edwin Lutyens’s work: his only other design, besides the Embassy in Washington, to be built in North America. The expensive architect was commissioned in 1927 by the English-born actress, Beatrice Mary Beckley, to design a […]

Lutyens in Washington

Nine perspective drawings by long-time Lutyens’s collaborator Cyril A. Farey for the proposed new British Embassy were exhibited on 5 February 1927 to the United States Commission of Fine Arts. Meeting in the New York office of architect William Delano, the established American professionals comprising or acting as consultants to this committee (Cass Gilbert, Charles […]